Believe it or not, there are over a dozen escape rooms in the Tampa Bay Area. The number of escape rooms in the United States doubled in 2019 as the demand for cooperative puzzles and games soared to new heights. While escape games certainly aren’t for everyone, they’re perfect for corporate team building, large families, and special events (such as reunions, birthdays, and bachelorette parties). Locating the best escape room in Tampa can be quite challenging as there are so many quality options. Luckily for you and your loved ones, the folks here at Gulf Strand Resort have compiled a handy list of our five favorites.

Break the Code! An Escape Room in Tampa for Everyone

Researching and selecting an escape room in Tampa that perfectly suits your group’s size, style, and budget is a riddle in itself. While not every Tampa Bay escape room is worth a try, there are 10 that we personally endorse. And, because you’re likely busy, we whittled those 10 businesses down to five.

1. Outerlife Studios

Location: 1942 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL
Escape rooms: 2
Players: 2-6
Why choose Outerlife Studios? Outerlife Studios is the only escape room in Tampa that has a five-star rating on every platform, including Google, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. Despite only featuring two rooms (Disarm Room and Scorched Room), every single person has returned home with an absorbing story to tell. Each room is dynamic, challenging, and intricate—it’s the perfect “combination.”

2. Can You Escape?

Location: 5811 Memorial Highway, Tampa, FL
Escape rooms: 5
Players: 2-12
Why choose Can You Escape? TripAdvisor’s top-rated escape room in Tampa is Can You Escape? Much of their success can be attributed to the diversity between the rooms. Flee from zombies, outmaneuver the Russians, or turn back the clocks to the year 1115—the choice is yours! All five rooms are set at different levels, so that puzzle solvers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the riddle.

3. The Great Escape Room

Location: 300 E Madison Street, Tampa, FL
Escape rooms: 6
Players: 6-18
Why choose Great Escape? The Great Escape Room has locations all across the country, but that shouldn’t deter you from entering one of their six beautifully designed and assembled rooms. Many of the rooms feature a Sherlock Holmes theme, such as Professor Moriarty’s GameRoom or Dr. Watson’s Infirmary. Great Escape aims to foster inspiration, motivation, and team spirit (among other things), which is great for families and corporate retreats.

4. Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Location: 5205 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL
Escape rooms: 3
Players: 2-8
Why choose Rabbit Hole? Who wouldn’t want to outwit a mysterious “skunk ape” inside the fictional Cabbage Lake State Park? Rabbit Hole Escape Games is known for its bizarre puzzles, visually striking spaces, and inexpensive prices. And the seasonal “Mystery at 5120” is the only escape room in Tampa that incorporates an entire house.

5. Escape FLA

Location: ​2480 East Bay Drive, Largo, FL
Escape rooms: 3
Players: 2-8
Why choose Escape FLA? Escape FLA is the top-reviewed escape room in Pinellas County, which includes Clearwater, St Pete Beach, and, yes, Largo. A fourth game is currently in the works—an Indiana Jones-esque adventure. We’re partial to the Jason Bourne-inspired thriller “Operation Blackstone” and the hilarious “Vegas Hangover,” both of which start at just $28 per person.

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